Student Research Information

The Michigan Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (MI-LSAMP) invites students from any STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematical) discipline to participate in undergraduate research. Undergraduate research provides students the opportunity for faculty-guided hand-on experience in the discovery and development of new scientific and technological knowledge and innovation.  Through research students see firsthand the application of their classroom learning in finding answers and solutions to important scientific, technological, and engineering questions and problems.

Hands-on research experience prepares you for graduate school and employment opportunities. It also allows you to contribute to the ever-changing knowledge base within your chosen field.

Undergraduates involved in research projects could receive grant funding, be recognized for their work, and obtain financial support to present their results at state and national conferences.

In order to be considered for an MI-LSAMP summer research internship you must:

  1. Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  2. Be a member of an underrepresented racial/ethnic group as defined by the National Science Foundation (African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native)
  3. Be classified as a sophomore if you are enrolled in a 4-year institution
  4. Be ready to transfer to a 4-year institution within one year after participating in research, if you are a community college student
  5. Have a 2.8 or higher GPA  in science, math, and technology courses, as well as an overall (cumulative) GPA of 3.0 or higher
  6. Be committed to obtaining a baccalaureate degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) field

2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Residential Programs
Students participating in a residential program live on campus with the other students in the program.  Students live in a residence hall on the university campus.  Students do not have to pay for food or lodging.

2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Commuter Programs
Students participating in a commuter program do not live on campus.  Students are responsible for their housing and transportation to and from the university campus.